With only a few days left in April, there’s still a surprising number of events that have not been open long and will be ending at the end of the month. A bit like stardom for some people I’d expect. Short lived fame, but fantastic nonetheless. Today I’m sharing a couple things you can find at ROMP and a hunt gift for the Fame & Fortune Hunt. Heads up, I’m featuring an item with adult poses along with singles and couples cuddles.

Sometimes with the right clothes, we can feel like one of the stars we so admire. For the Fame & Fortune Hunt, ~*Moolala*~ is offering up this chic dress. It comes in standard mesh sizes and fits pretty well on my Maitreya Lara body. I opted to wear the larger size to make sure everything was covered and I still look pretty darn cute in it. I love the fabric choice as it reminds me of a high class woman in Palm Springs or at a resort. Snag this dress for only 1L while you can. View all the hunt hints and surls for the Fame & Fortune Hunt here.

While this is not a blog focusing on adult items, some of my favorite designers do participate in adult-oriented events. +Spellbound+, for instance, is one of those hair designers that I follow everywhere. Yes, Kohana, I am stalking your shop. 😀  For this round of ROMP, +Spellbound+ has two hairstyles, Lost and Longing, set for sale that feature a bow-gag attachment. Three versions were provided so users could have the bow gag option,  just the gag, or a bow-gag version that is unrigged to allow for resizing. There is not a plain option for just the bow BUT I talked to Kohana and she told me to edit the face of the unrigged version and make the gag invisible. Thus, all possibilities! As always, there are three color packs/chapters (Earth, Sky, Magic) and the Fatpack/Grimoire option. A HUD is included with six color options for the bow/gag as well. Seen here is the hair Lost, but I loved both styles so much I grabbed one chapter from each.

Dictatorshop is at ROMP as well with an adorable arbor swing set. There are so many options on this swing that my husband and I kept getting confused with which menu and pose we were using because we would change it on each other. Lol. Cuddle time with my husband is important to me so high quality poses and animations are extremely desired for the added value they lend to these sweet moments. Dictatorshop delivers high quality animations along with tasteful furniture pieces. At the back of the arbor, the rezzing menu is accessed by clicking the shop logo and this allows you to set security and pick which version (pg/adult/or no swing) of the swing you have out. PG has individual poses and couples cuddles while the adult version includes all of those plus the mature animations. If you’ve shopped with Dictatorshop before, you’ll be familiar with the texture HUD options and add-ones that allow you to change the textures of the cushions, wood, and leaves. Full instructions can be found here. For a total of 15 land impact, this swing provides everything you need to enjoy the sunset on a summer’s night.



Hunt Info

Duration: April 15-May 15

Price: 1L     Hint & Surl Page


Hair: +Spellbound+ – Lost // Chapter I : Earth ~ (Kohana Xue) @ROMP

Dress: ~*Moolala*~ – Fame and Fortune Hunt Gift ~ (AmandaSue Hallison) @F&F Hunt

Shoes: SHEY – Eva Stilettos ~ (Moi Deluxe)

Skin: The Plastik – Wylde – Shibe (all appliers included) ~ (Aikea Rieko) @Fantasy Faire

Body: Maitreya – Maitreya Lara ~ (Onyx LeShelle)

Hands/Feet: Slink – Casual Hands/High Feet ~ (Siddean Munro)

Swing: Dictatorshop – [Ds] Secret Garden: Arbor With Adult Swing v1.0 ~ (Dictatorshop) @ROMP

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