These Boots are Made for Walking


Hello readers! I hope you’ve all had wonderful holidays if you celebrated and enjoyed time with loved ones. Today I am doing something a little different. Pictured below is NOT Safe For Work. In the past I have not felt comfortable sharing pieces like this but I have been blessed with the support of good friends and family and feel like exploring this side a little bit. Changes in my Review Policy and About pages will reflect this. This post is dedicated to my friend Myst, creator of Mishmash Fusion. Take the jump below if you feel like it!


I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to write about for this post for some time. Did I want to write something fun? Sassy? Empowering? I wasn’t really sure. I suppose I will go with reflective because that has been where my mind has drifted in the lately when I’ve had moments of quiet.

When I first joined Secondlife, I was still a very young and bright thing with eyes bigger than my stomach as I prepared to explore the next phase of my life. I could only imagine what where life would take me and who I would meet along the way. As I finished up my last term at a community college, we were assigned to try Secondlife as a part of one of my courses. This was a new world that opened up so much more than I can express in words. I was also about to transfer to a four year university to pursue my bachelors degree.

I’ll admit I did not recognize what an impact this virtual reality would have on me. I’ve found love and lost it. Found love again and lost that too. I’ve found love and friendship and family with people all over the world. I’ve grown as a person. I’ll admit I never thought I would feel comfortable sharing pictures of my avatar in the nude. As I type this I am still somewhat unsure but I have a stronger belief in myself and who I am. Who I want to be. For me, someone who has spent many years fighting constant battles with her body, the freedom to choose has been as liberating as someone who has relearned how to walk after being bedbound due to paralysis.


Some of my loved ones have told me they’ve seen how much I’ve grown in the last few years but being able to recognize that growth is sometimes difficult. Then there are times that I shock myself because something that would not phase me in the past suddenly becomes a warning or a signal. There is no way I have anything figured out to navigate this world perfectly, but I certainly have learned a few lessons!

So after all of my ramblings, the boots and dress in my picture at the top are from one of my favorite stores, Mishmash Fusion. Sizes for the dress come in a fitted mesh size and sizes for Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass, and TMP bodies. Two color huds are included with the Secret Corset Dress to give you plenty of options to play with, even a color tinter for endless possibilities! The Iris Boots comes fitted for Maitreya, 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, and Tonic mesh bodies and also includes two color huds with a a tinter. Both can be found at the main store or they are currently on sale at Twisted Krissmuss along with new event special releases in transfer permissions for gifting! Event ends December 31.

Be sure to check out Mishmash Fusion inworld; Myst has more smexy releases that you will want in your closet. Also keep an eye out for news of the Cart Sale at the Wash coming up soon. Until next time peeps! 🙂


~ My Look ~

Hair: +Spellbound+ – Interlude // Chapter I : Earth ~ by Kohana Xue

Dress: Mishmash Fusion – ~*MF*~ The Secret Corset Dress ~ by Mystical Edenflower

Shoes: Mishmash Fusion – ~*MF*~ Iris Boots ~ by Mystical Edenflower

My Body Details

~ Decor ~

House: Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook ~ by Charlotte Bartlett

Chaise: Boudoir – Gold Digger Chaise Lounge ADULT ~ by Precious Restless

Links — > Mishmash Fusion, Twisted Krissmuss

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