Oh, You Will See Me Thrive

Please note, the images in this blog post are not PG. Take the jump here to read on.


You left scars on my skin as quickly as the spark once ignited. They linger… a constant reminder of what could have been but never will be. Once I craved your words, your touch, your kiss. Now shelter is in my own company, knitting pieces of myself back together, watching the scars heal, fade, yet remain.

On the floor you left me to break, never once looking back. Did I fall? Yes. Did I stumble? Yes. But I crawled my way back to safety, pushing my way through the heartache to smile. What we had was not love though I chose love time and again. I still choose love. No longer with you. I choose myself.

Each break and repair is filled with gold, stronger than before. I choose acceptance and self-love. I choose to wear my scars with all the beauty that they bring to my soul. I choose to rise.

Hello lovelies! If you are wondering about the furniture featured in this post, all are from Dictatorshop and are a part of  the Verve collection. The sofa and chair both come in three options: PG, Adult Vanilla, and Adult Kinky. The matching coffee table comes in just PG or Adult Vanilla versions. Each item is sold separately but make great additions to any living room or lounge. If you want a bit of naughty fun but don’t want it to be obvious to your house guests, Dictatorshop delivers elegant furniture with beautiful texture options to match your current decor while also giving you all the fun animations you’d expect in the bedroom. Dictatorshop recently began including threesome menus in their adult kinky versions of furniture as requested by VIPS. As always there are the singles, couples cuddles/kisses, and adult animations and the MaleDom and FemDom menus with animations to fill every needs. Kink or adult animations not up your alley? No worries, just grab the PG version which has the singles and couples cuddles and kisses menus. Find all of these pieces in the mainstore today.

Dictatorshop is also having a sale right now. Everything except for gift cards are on sale for 50% off through July 7, so don’t miss out!


~ My Look ~

Hair: Doe – Gin – Indecisive ~ by Helyanwe Vindaloo

Rings: RealEvil Industries – **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set ~ by Crashnoww Resident

Bracelet: e.marie – Friendship Bracelet – Sterling ~ by Emilianamarie Resident

Body Scars: Izzie’s – Body Scars RARE ~ by Izzie Button

My Body Details

~ Furniture ~

Sofa: Dictatorshop – [Ds] Verve Sofa PG ~ by Dictatorshop Resident

Chair: Dictatorshop – [Ds] Verve Lounger – Adult Kink ~ by Dictatorshop Resident

Table: Dictatorshop – [Ds] Verve Coffee Table – PG ~ by Dictatorshop Resident

House: Scarlet Creative – LoveCraft Gothic – Fat Pack ~ by Charlotte Bartlett

Links — > Dictatorshop

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