Review Policy

Updated As of 22 May, 2017

Hello and thank you for checking out my blog! It’s been a labor of love that I enjoy very much. If you would like me to blog your items, there’s a few things to note before sending me anything to review.

Firstly, I do not take nude or explicit adult photography. While I enjoy lingerie and the like, I am not going to blog anything that shows any genitalia. Please see this blog post in how I will treat adult furniture.

I will be honest in my review of any item I blog. I promise not to be harsh and I won’t exaggerate. But I will be honest about anything I notice that a reader might like to know about or consider. The purpose of my blog is to share things from Secondlife that people would find helpful before buying something or what I find interesting.

I will only blog things I like and feel fit my style. I am a bit eclectic but there are some things I won’t even consider. Take a look around my blog and Flickr. If you think your work suits my style, feel free to contact me.

As for links to shops and the like, I have decided I will only be linking sponsored items and special event landmarks. This is in an effort to save me time and streamline my blog posts. I will continue to include creator’s names so that readers are able to find landmarks or Marketplace shops should they wish it. I will also continue to add to my list of Secondlife Shops and Creators but ONLY my Sponsors will be linked in each post when their work is featured.

I blog at my own pace. I have a busy real life and a busy Secondlife apart from just shopping and blogging, so please do not expect me to whip out a post in one night after sending me anything. It takes time and effort for me to create my posts and I often take a few days to work on them when I can. If I am blogging for a shop, I will abide by their rules upon acceptance of my application. When blogging events, I do keep in mind the date/time/duration of the event and blog accordingly to help promote them. So if you like how I blog, this last little tidbit shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 🙂

Finally, I reserve the right to change my policy at any time.