Hello New World!

Autumn Pic for Blog2

I’m new to WordPress. Heck, I’m new to blogging. But I’m excited for this new adventure!

As this is my first blog ever, I’m going to be feeling my bloggy self out. I’ve already felt inspired by a few friends’ and creators’ blogs. Hopefully it won’t take me long to get into a groove and find my little writing niche.

Things to Know About Me

  • I’m a young woman who loves clothes, shoes, and cats.
  • I love to be silly and have fun.
  • I like photography but only dabble in amateur editing.
  • Writing is my strength and passion.

This blog will mainly be a secondlife fashion blog; shoes, clothes, and hair. On occasion my furry avatars may be featured and possibly my SL husband. I’m not entirely sure how this blog will evolve but I look forward to watching and learning from my blogging 101 course. So until next time, goodnight world!