Current Sponsors

This page  lists all merchants and events that support my blog. Listed are shop names, their creator’s Secondlife legacy names, logo, and any relevant links. For event sponsors, I will list all relevant info. Please note, landmarks and links may change. If you use a landmark link and the shop is no longer there, search the creator’s name to check for links in their profile.

Event Sponsors

Spring has Sprung Cart Sale march 2019 Poster

Organizers: Grace Selene & Shadowed Luik



Merchant Sponsors

~ Mishmash Fusion ~

MF Logo Square Black.png

Creator: Mystical Edenflower

Landmark ~ Marketplace

Clothing, footwear, & whacky fun furniture


~ =EC Designs= ~

=EC Designs= SQ Framed

Creators: Cara Lionheart & Jaxx Doulton

Landmark ~ Marketplace

Buildings, Structures, Furniture, & other eclectic designs


~ Dictatorshop ~


Creator: Dictatorshop

Landmark ~ Marketplace

BDSM & Adult Furniture


~ Raven’s Rookery ~


Creator: whitemoonraven ~ Marketplace

Furniture, Decor, & other ecclectic designs