Current Sponsors

This page  lists all merchants and events that support my blog. Listed are shop names, their creator’s Secondlife legacy names, logo, and any relevant links. For event sponsors, I will list all relevant info. Please note, landmarks and links may change. If you use a landmark link and the shop is no longer there, search the creator’s name to check for links in their profile.

Event Sponsors


The Wash Event March 2020 Poster 1

Organizers: Grace Selene & Shadowed Luik



Merchant Sponsors

~ Mishmash Fusion ~

MF Logo Square Black.png

Creator: Mystical Edenflower

Landmark ~ Marketplace

Clothing, footwear, & whacky fun furniture


~ =EC Designs= ~

=EC Designs= SQ Framed

Creators: Cara Lionheart & Jaxx Doulton

Landmark ~ Marketplace

Buildings, Structures, Furniture, & other eclectic designs


~ Dictatorshop ~


Creator: Dictatorshop

Landmark ~ Marketplace

BDSM & Adult Furniture


~ Raven’s Rookery ~


Creator: whitemoonraven ~ Marketplace

Furniture, Decor, & other ecclectic designs