About the Blog

This blog is about fashion and creations within the virtual world of Secondlife. Prima Purrfect began as a hobby fashion blog to share with others the talent of creators in the virtual world. Expanding on that goal, the blog shares an eclectic collection of items that suit various tastes. There may be some nudity but they will be marked under my Not Safe For Work category and tag. While no explicit adult content will be pictured, adult furniture and subjects may be present. If furniture or other items are adult due to animations, it will be noted in the blog but not entirely obvious to the viewer. E.g. No oral or sexual intercourse will be displayed.

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Most images are raw with only wind light adjustments. Occasionally filters are used. All photography of landscapes, people, animals and creatures, wearable garments, buildings, etc. are from Secondlife. The blogger is not the creator or designer of featured pieces and landscapes. The blogger reserves complete rights to the written words and photography within Prima Purrfect.